Sisterhood Squad Oath

Each member of the Sisterhood Squad will pledge an oath of sisterhood “S.P.I.R.I.T.” Once the student vows to Support, Protect, Inspire, Respect, Include, and Trust one another, they will receive their chapter’s bracelet unique to their school with the S.P.I.R.I.T motto on it. This lets other C.I.S.D students know who is a member of the Sisterhood Squad and that they have made the decision to pledge to the oath of S.P.I.R.I.T. Each member throughout the semester will be paired with Big/Little Sisters: high school seniors with sophomores, and juniors with freshman. This will help each of the younger class-man feel like they have at least one person they know and can count on to uphold the S.P.I.R.I.T oath. The girls will be encouraged to spend time throughout the year during and outside of school with their Big/Little Sister to help support each other and their community. 

#SisterhoodSQUAD & Social Media

Until society recognizes and acts, the devastation of feeling like you don’t belong, the in-person bullying and cyber bullying causes, the silent suffering of its victims will continue. Taylor Swift recently popularized the concept of “having an entire league of incredible girlfriends,” aptly referred to as her “girl squad.” The hashtags #squad and #squadgoals have generated over 6.5 million posts on Instagram alone. To follow in these footsteps, and to discourage the prevalence of school clicks and bullying, The Sisterhood Squad will utilize social media to post #sisterhoodsquadgoals and #sisterhoodsquadupdates. Our current #SquadGoals:

·         I can be confident because my sisters have my back

·         Supporting & helping one another is a part of Sisterhood

·         Others may come and go, but sisterhood will last a lifetime

·         My sisters are my angels who lift me to my feet when my wings have trouble remembering how to fly

·         Trends change and boyfriends leave, but my sisters are eternal

Did something great happen for your daugther? Did she accomplish her goals? Did she dedicate her time doing charity work? LET US KNOW! We want to use our social media accounts to highlight our sisters on thier good deeds & accomplishments! Email us details or tag us in the photo on Instagram! Follow Us on Instagram: @sisterhood_squad

Why Join In?

Have you ever been a part of a sisterhood? If not, this is a great opportunity to join an amazing group of open-minded supportive young ladies from your school who you can meet and get to know while in a trusted supervised area. These meetings are all about being and getting to know the REAL YOU! Get to know different female students in your school you may have things in common with outside of school. During meetings you are able to anonymously submit ANY topics and/or issues you would like to discuss at our meetings. Each month we will bring in a guest speaker or certified professional to discuss these topics and issues you feel need to be discussed. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the power of finding supportive and trustworthy girlfriends. We got your back! #sisterhoodsquad