Prior to our involvement with any school, My Person Foundation meets directly with the Principal, Associate Principal and school Counselors to assess the need of our program at their school. Often, we are met with overwhelming excitement and support for our unique program. Once we’ve secured school approval, we will request that the school provide a list of students from different on-campus groups, clubs and teams who possess exemplary leadership skills to be our “Squad Leaders.” These Squad Leaders will serve as a student ambassador connecting all students to MPF staff.

It is our highest priority to provide a safe environment for MPF participants. All mentors are required to complete an extensive training program which includes a seminar “Stewards of Children, Darkness to Light” provided by Children’s Safe Harbor and training from CISD counselor, Lydia Joiner. In addition, all mentors are screened through the CISD volunteer application process, which includes a comprehensive background check.

The SisterhoodSQUAD and BROtherhoodBOND meetings are held once a month during school hours. We feel this is the best and most effective way to truly impact the entire student body. During the meetings, we encourage participants to interact with different social groups to further our mission. Students will have the opportunity to anonymously submit issue or topic requests directly to the MPF team, school teachers & counselors, or our website. After careful review of all submissions and consulting our school Squad Leaders, MPF staff will determine the next meeting’s topic. In order to properly facilitate a healthy dialogue regarding sensitive issues, MPF will bring expert certified professionals and community organizations to provide students with accurate yet appropriate information.

All students are required to return a signed permission slip completed by their parent or legal guardian prior to attendance or involvement in any MPF related meeting or activity. Our dedicated Executive Team creates a comprehensive master list of all participating members, which will be kept on file with both the participating school and the MPF team. Each member will also be asked to pledge an oath of S.P.I.R.I.T. (Support, Protect, Inspire, Respect, Include, and Trust)

Through the utilization of mentors, we are able to connect directly with the students on a personal level in a way that a parent, counselor or school administration cannot. Students have expressed they do not have a safe environment to ask questions, voice concerns, or express emotions without fear of judgment. Our mentors provide a safe, fun and healthy environment these students are desperately lacking.

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