MPF Student Testimonials

“I am involved in My Person Foundation because I want girls to know that nobody is perfect and we are all going through something in our lives so just by knowing one person cares can save lives and make someone feel so much better about themselves. This program is perfect for teenagers because it lets girls know that people actually care and that you are not alone.”    - Kylie W. Conroe High School

“I'm involved with SisterhoodSQUAD because I needed a second family to lean on who will always be there and help me throughout issues I may face and give me advice. It's a really good program because girls can turn to each other and to the mentors for help and advice.”  - Julie D. Conroe High School

“I joined MPF because last year I lost a dear friend of mine and I would have loved to have someone to tell me that the pain I was feeling then was valid and was going to pass. When I first heard about MPF, I immediately jumped at the chance because I feel people our age don’t have a lot of people they can turn to without being judged or criticized. I truly believe that MPF will change The Woodlands High School. I am so excited for what is to come and to be surrounded by a group of people who are there to empower and listen to others.”     - Maddie F. The Woodlands High School

“I believe that the Woodlands High School has lost it's sense of community. We too easily get lost in competing and judging each other. As a community we should be pouring out love and encouragement, which is what I think this foundation is so eagerly doing. If I have the chance to be a light in my school and change it for the better, I don't want to miss out, so thank you My Person Foundation for giving me this opportunity.”    - Leah F. The Woodlands High School

“Going into this year I really pushed for something like My Person Foundation to start at our school. After losing a very close friend to suicide it really showed our student body that there are people struggling that you don’t know about. I really believe that having My Person Foundation at our school will help make a difference and allow people to seek help more easily.”     - Ellie B. The Woodlands High School


Community Involvement

“Bullying Doesn’t Make You Popular Campaign” with Houston Texans Ambassador JJ Moses

Partner and Promote Charlies Helping Hands and Boots for Troops Charitable Foundations

Main Streets America “Lights of Hope Event”

Montgomery County Youth Services

Walking Man Suicide Awareness Event, Conroe Texas

National Suicide Awareness Walk in November (MPF team)

Women Who Rock Event Sponsor

The Woodlands Mental Health Association Christmas Event

Members of The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce

The Woodlands Suicide Awareness Event (May 4th, 2016) table

S.P.I.R.I.T Night at Grub Burger

Crosby ISD 4H Club Speaking Engagement


Chad Patterson, Montgomery County Crisis Assistance Center

SCFL- South County Football League

Children’s Museum Parents Night Speaking Series

CISD Summer and Back to School Events

Meet the MPF Mentors and Community Professionals Night

Spread The Health Cooking Courses for Students

Media PSAs: FOX, ABC, CW, Telemundo, NewsFIX

Main Street America's Lights of Hope Event

CISD Involvement

National Suicide Prevention Week

Sponsored Students Prom Make-up, Drivers-Ed Courses

     Athletic Clubs, Cheer Team Fundraisers etc.

CISD School Supplies Donation Drive

CISD Summer and Back to School Events

Knox Jr. High School

Dance Team

Cheerleading Team

Conroe High School

Back to School “Meet the Tigers” Night

Chaperoned 2016 and 2017 Prom

Pep Rally's

The Woodlands High School

Leadership Club

Cheerleading Squads

Highsteppers Dance Team

Football Team

Student Council

Drama Club

Parents Night

Pep Rally's

Social Media Advertising Campaigns:

  • Bullying Doesn't Make You Popular
  • #iamME
  • beYOUtiful
  • #Sisterhood
  • Grant Milton 21
  • Prayers for Reagan