In response to the rise in tragic events within our community, My Person Foundation (MPF) was created in an effort to combat teen suicide and bullying, while raising awareness of various aspects of mental health. If your junior high or high school child is struggling with bullying, stress, anxiety, depression, self-image or realizing their self-worth, MPF is here to help!

Since our formation in 2015, MPF has established all-inclusive female and male groups known as the SisterhoodSQUAD and BROtherhoodBOND operating within Conroe Independent School District (CISD). Both groups are led by passionate young professionals, referred to as mentors, who actively promote a safe environment to engage in healthy communication surrounding a variety of topics and challenges facing the students each day. Our mentors receive extensive training on a variety of important topics from CISD faculty and staff, counselors, and community organizations who work directly with our students. This training allows our diverse group of mentors to facilitate the available resources in our community to the needs of our students. Through the participation of mentors, we are able to share our message of S.P.I.R.I.T. (Support, Protect, Inspire, Respect, Include, and Trust) to the youth in our community.

Unfortunately in our community and nationwide, these tragic events continue to increase. As a major influence in the lives of these young adults, it is imperative for ALL of us to help "tear down the curtain" in our community and fight the "silent epidemic" of mental health and youth suicide. Family, friends, educators, social workers and coaches can help our community do this by educating themselves, their children, and their schools on the CURRENT issues and warning signs associated with youth mental health and suicide. There are numerous fantastic groups, foundations, and programs available in our community that can help our youth. We ALL need to work together and support one another by creating awareness of all the options our community has to offer, so we can help put a stop to this trend.

Our communities students have voiced that they do not have a place where they feel secure in expressing their issues, asking uncomfortable questions, or able to express their emotions and/or concerns without feeling judged. An issue to these young adults is often perceived as an indefinite problem with no way out. Sadly, many students do not feel comfortable confiding in their school teachers, coaches, and counselors, are hesitant to divulge sensitive or embarrassing information to their parents, are afraid to communicate with religious leaders, and do not have a friend they trust who will listen without judgment or betrayal. Both the Sisterhood and Brotherhood mentors will strive to educate and guide these young women and men from a young age to understand their self-worth and the significance of self-acceptance. As an MPF mentor we hope to help these students look past today’s troubles, insecurities, feelings of hopelessness, and defeat and get them excited about all the things their future can hold!

“There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.” 

Check us out in the February 2017 Community Impact Newspaper!
Thank you to Hannah Zedaker- Reporter, The Woodlands

MPF CISD Schools

SisterhoodSQUAD & BROtherhoodBOND

Knox Jr. High School (KJHS)

  • Dance Team- Speaking Engagement
  • Cheer Team- Speaking Engagement

Conroe High School (CHS)

  • Sisterhood Squad (monthly) 

The Woodlands High School (TWHS)

  • Sisterhood Squad (monthly)
  • Brotherhood Bond (monthly)
  • My Person Foundation Club
  • Jr. Class- Social Media Presentation
  • Dance Team- Speaking Engagement
  • Cheer Team- Speaking Engagement
  • Football Team- Speaking Engagement
  • Leadership Team- Speaking Engagement
  • Drama Club- Speaking Engagement

Monthly Meetings

The 2016 and 2017 SisterhoodSQUAD & BrotherhoodBOND meetings were a success! We are excited to be back in 2018! Please contact if you are interested in joining our team or speaking at one of our meetings.

Our first topic was "A Beautiful You." This topic was meant to teach these young women that no matter how beautiful you are or feel on the outside, you will never feel whole or fulfilled without inner peace and self-acceptance.  We had 180 plus girls attend and openly discuss this topic. Thank you to our guest speakers and local professionals who came and spoke. 

Ways to Donate


Our foundation is in need of ALL types of donations. Aside from donating monetarily, we are always looking for guest speakers, raffle items that benefit our students, food & beverages for meetings,  summer camp activities, or different types of mentor-ship options etc. Please check out our DONATIONS tab and find out more!